Be the Change: Dresses for CMN

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These young ladies are helping kids to a speedy recovery one gown at a time.

These titleholders are helping girls dress to impress while raising money for a worthy cause.

We head to the dressing room to find out how in this week's Be the Change.

Miss Hot Springs Outstanding Teen Jessica Benson and Miss Siouxland's Outstanding Teen Rio Snyder hosted a dress sale for Children's Miracle Network.

The girls donated a third of the proceeds to CMN, a non-profit that helps families cover the costs of caring for their sick child that insurance programs may not cover.

Rio says she got the idea for the fundraiser while meeting with her seamstress.

Miss Siouxland's Outstanding Teen Rio Snyder says, "And we wanted to raise money for CMN and at the same time sell some dresses that I had in my closet. And we came up with this idea to basically mesh them both together. It's right across from my dad's work and we got the building and it all just folded together perfectly."

As a titleholder in the Miss America system, Rio needed to raise money and awareness for CMN for their platform, but she says she would have done it anyway.

Rio Snyder says, "It feels amazing. I love doing community service and just being able to help other people so being able to raise money for Children's Miracle Network is just another way that I can help my community."

And her mom Holly says she's had a generous heart since she was a little girl.

Rio's mother Holly Snyder says, "I'll be honest. Rio has been like this since she was four years old. She was the kid who would walk out of a kids fair and see somebody's balloon fly away and she'd walk up to them and hand them her balloon. So for her to take on a challenge as big as this doesn't surprise me at all. She's just got a big heart and not a lot of parents can say that about their own kid, but I can definitely say that about her."

Rio has never done a fundraiser of this magnitude before, with more than 200 dresses available for sale at a discounted price.

Holly Snyder says, "We've done a lot of little fundraisers. She's probably volunteered for a hundred different charities around town. She's put in several hundred hours of community service. And per year she probably puts in about 100 hours of community service at least at a minimum."

Jessica and Rio sold dresses for a whole day.

And they hope to do this fundraiser for many years to come.

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