Be the Change: Combat Cancer Obstacle Course

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On Sunday folks didn't let a few obstacles block their path to fighting pediatric cancer.

They say it's one of the most under-funded and misunderstood forms of cancer.

We climb up to put a smackdown on pediatric cancer in this week's Be the Change.

On Sunday people in Rapid Valley were running up, down, and around obstacles at the Combat Cancer Obstacle Course.

The course took weeks to build.

Contractors volunteered their time and many local businesses donated materials.

"Competitors will need to complete 12 obstacles as quickly as possible. I'm standing on one of them where they'll have to climb up these boards and go down this rope ladder," Katrina Lim said.

When life gets a little sour, you add a little sugar to make it sweet.

Northwestern Mutual hosted this fundraiser to make life a little sweeter for children battling pediatric cancer by donating the proceeds to Alex's Lemonade Stand.

"It doesn't just fund the research. It really, they give gas cards to families so that you can get two and from treatment. They help pay for apartments because they know you can't be at home. It just goes above and beyond what a normal foundation would," Spencer Gossel said, director of engagement and advancement, Northwestern Mutual.

For many competitors, the cause is near and dear to their heart.

"My husband Dustin and I lost our two-year-old daughter Camryn to brain cancer last May. We were introduced to Alex's Lemonade Stand when we needed assistance with lodging and they helped us with a place to stay," Kristy Schumacher said, competitor.

And for others, it's simply a good deed.

"It's good for the fundraisers. We like coming out with the Rapid City Fire Department to support any fundraisers. Course looks fun. It's going to be a little slippery I think, but we'll take her a little slower and hopefully not fall," Steven Sprague said, competitor, Rapid City Fire Department.

Schumacher says chemotherapies for adult cancers don't always work for childhood cancers.

She says there's not enough research or medicines out there.

"Of all the money that's raised year-round from all the other foundations, only four percent of that ever actually gets to pediatric cancer. They keep telling us it's rare. It's not a rare thing. One in every 250 kids is going to get diagnosed. It's too common so we're just trying to bring a little more attention to it," Spencer Gossel said.

Northwestern Mutual will host a "Cancer can kiss my tutu" 5K to raise more money for Alex's Lemonade Stand on September 30th.

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