Be the Change: Bowling for Coats

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Keeping kids warm in the winter is a major priority for this Catholic group.

These men wanted to get the ball rolling and raise money for coats with a bowling tournament.

We had a second to spare and hit up Meadowood Lanes in this week's Be the Change.

The Knights of Columbus of Saint Therese Council 8025 were striking out for a good cause this weekend.

Last year they delivered 120 coats to multiple charities, including the Children's Home Society.

Events and development manager Theresa Schreiner says, "In particular I can remember one little girl who came to us and has been in one of our programs for a significant number of years and her reaction this last time was just priceless. She had a little tear rolling down her cheek that this particular coat, she felt like it was something that would have been exactly what she would have picked out."

The Children's Home has been around for 125 years, providing care for children in need.

Ralph Dupres says nationally the Knights of Columbus has been supporting Coats for Kids since 2009, and their council started bowling for this cause in 2005.

Knights of Columbus 8025 Member Ralph Dupres says, "Well bowling is something that people, anyone can do and have fun doing it. That's what we wanted to do. We didn't want to make it a tournament per se which we'd call it, but it's something that the family can enjoy and everyone can come out and have fun with."

Kids need the basics to survive: food, clothes, shelter.

But they need even more to thrive.

St. Therese Council 8025 Grand Knight Bill Schneider says, "You hear it all the time. People have to decide either medicine, food or rent. I think alot of times families have struggled. They struggle for one or the other so we help out when we can."

The group was also raising money through a 50/50 raffle and a strike pot.

Schneider says he's happy to give some of his time for the kids.

Bill Schneider says, "It just feels really good to know that you are helping these children because man, it gets cold out here and these children don't have much so just giving them that little bit to make them feel warm and know that they're safe from the cold just makes you feel really good."

The Knights of Columbus will deliver the coats in early November, so you have plenty of time to donate money or jackets if you'd like.

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