Be the Change: Blankets for Shriners

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It's nothing unusual, students get homework assignments daily.
But one young woman is using her senior project at Sturgis Brown High School to give back to a place that once gave to her.

Tara Reinert loves sports and fitness.
And after a difficult time a few years back, her Fitness and Weight Lighting Program came to her rescue.

Sturgis Brown High School Senior, Tara Reinert says, It really helped me. Without the fitness program, I never would have been able to do any of this stuff and having surgery there. Then helping me, I wouldn't have been able to play sports or do anything. They really helped me get through high school."
Tara Reinert had surgery at the Shriners Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, back in eight grade -
Reinert says, "To sum it up, they cut my leg and they turned it out. They rotated it, put a plate in it, and they also fixed a ligament in my knee to stabilize my knee cap."
And after the complicated procedure -
Reinert says, "They gave me a blanket when I was there."
- that blanket meant a lot.
Reinert says, "That was really comforting to me especially when I was only an 8th grader. It was something I never experienced before."
Fast forward four years later - now she's hoping to 'tye' in that same idea to her senior project.
Reinert is making around twenty five blankets to give to kids at the same hospital that helped her during her difficult time.
Knotted with love, she hopes it makes these patients' days.
Reinert says, "I hope they feel how I feel and they are comforted by it."