Basin League remembered for the impact it had on Rapid City baseball

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Rapid City, SD (KEVN) Continuing with their series "Spring Learning Forum" the Journey Museum held a lecture about the boys of summer who made a lasting impact in the Black Hills.

The Basin League baseball circuit operated in South Dakota for over twenty years and eleven South Dakota cities. From the basin league over 130 went on to play professionally including Hall of Famers Don Sutton, Jim Palmer and Bob Gibson.

And according to Darrel Shoemaker, the basin league is due some credit to getting the younger Black Hills are kids involved and playing America's pastime.

Darrel Shoemaker says, " There were no youth baseball leagues prior to the Basin league. So when the Basin league came into formation and especially in the Hills when the team formed in Rapid City in 1957 up in Sturgis in 1961 season youth baseball really got its start because of the Basin league.'

Shoemaker added that even after the players would make it to the MLB they would share fond memories of the Basin League and who they had stayed with during their time in Rapid City, and Sturgis.