Baking skills tested at the fair's Fruit Pie Showdown

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At the Central States Fair, several locals showed off their baking skills at this year's Fruit Pie Showdown.

Judges tasted several pies in the youth and adult divisions including strawberry rhubarb, apple, peach, and quadruple berry.

One fair board director says people have different specialties, so they try to choose a different showdown food each year.

This year's judges looked at the pies' overall appearance and taste.

Central States Fair Board Director Lori Maude says, "What the judges are going to look for today is a general appearance of the pie as far as attractiveness and then the real crux of it is going to be in the taste. Is it fruity? Is it flavorful? Is it done? Is it baked all the way through?"

Dee Runyan of Rapid City won the adult division and Jayden Carrier of Hermosa won the youth division.

Remaining pie pieces were sold for $1 and the proceeds from the sales went to the winners.

Our very own Black Hills FOX anchor Peggy Vidal put her taste buds to the test as one of the showdown's judges.