BHSU seeks to raise $32 million for scholarship campaign

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On Tuesday Black Hills State University hosted a kickoff event for what they call their largest scholarship campaign in university history.

Some locals attended the "Because of You, Anything is Possible" campaign at the Joy Center in Spearfish.

The university aims to raise 32 million dollars for scholarships.

The money will also go towards renovating the library and adding a fitness center on campus.

The Vice-President of University Advancement says BHSU ranks fifth in South Dakota in scholarships awarded to students.

Vice-President of University Advancement Steve Meeker says, "Well higher education, it seems to go up every year in cost, but yet the investment is still very much worth it so we want to help defray the cost for students so that it is affordable still to obtain your education, which is very valuable in the working field."

So far, nearly 4,700 people have donated to the scholarship campaign.

Meeker says they've already raised $23.7 million, and they hope to reach their goal by December 2019.

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