BHSU names Center for American Indian Studies after retired professor

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Tuesday afternoon one school dedicated the Center for American Indian Studies to a special retired professor.

Black Hills State University honored Jace DeCory, a professor who taught at BHSU for 33 years.

The center has been around since 1974, and DeCory says it's a place where people can learn about culture and grow as a person.

Retired emeritus BHSU associate professor Jace DeCory says, "I've always been a supporter of the center as a place, as a home away from home. I'm just really honored that they would even think to name it after me. It was just really shocking and it's still unbelievable, but I'm really thankful and I'm thankful to all the people that should be given the thanks."

BHSU President Tom Jackson says DeCory has been the soul of the American Indian Studies Program at BHSU and an amazing influence on students.