BH Regional Job Fair set for Wednesday

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If you're looking for work or if you're looking for a new job, you may want to think about stopping at the Civic Center Wednesday.


The 20th annual Black Hills Regional Job Fair is set Wednesday in the Civic Center's Rushmore Hall.
They had about 1,500 job seekers come to the fair last year.
The number of exhibitors is up a bit this year with about 90 signed up to participate.
Organizers say preparation is key is you want to be successful Wednesday and there are some big mistakes to avoid.

Job Fair board member Jeff Wangen says, "Meaning they didn't go online and find out who was going to be there, what booths they want to approach, things like that. Go to There's an app up there called job fair essentials. We're listed on there. Find out what employers are going to be there. Do your research and come prepared that way. It makes all the difference in the world, really that first impression, somebody that obviously did the research, what booths they wanted to come to. They were dressed appropriate for the job they were wanting to achieve. They were ready for an interview. They were ready for the questions you might ask."

This year's job fair gets started Wednesday at noon and runs until 6:00.