Major move from Big Apple to Great Plains sparks new book

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SPEARFISH, S.D. (KEVN)- 20 years ago a New York City woman moved to Spearfish.
During that time she's done a lot of writing.
But now, she's celebrating the publication of her first full book. And the topic is also the book's title in this week's edition of ''Along the Way."

Author Marsha Mittman smiling in the Fall of 2019 during our interview for an Along the Way story to air in early 2020.

Even after two decades of living here in South Dakota, there's no mistaking the roots of Marsha Mittman's accent. And while her accent is from New York City, her heart loves life in Spearfish.

"I write non-fiction. I write poetry, short stories, essays," says author Marsha Mittman of Spearfish.

And there's also no mistaking her talent as an author. Mittman has had not one story, but 6 stories published in 5 of the very popular 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' books.

"Angels and Miracles, Time to Thrive, My Kind of America, Volunteering and Giving Back, and Miracles and More," she says as she points at the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' books she's been published in.

Even more impressive, she's only been writing under her own name for the past few years. She's done a lot of commercial travel research writing. They were wonderful experiences, but she was not writing under her own byline. Mittman is a well traveled lady.

"Probably about 130 countries, islands, on 6 continents, and 46 United States," Marsha says, estimating the places she's traveled.

But then a few years ago, she made a decision, and her writing has been a hit.

"My goodness I've had all these amazing experiences. Let's write about them for me, under my name. And there were certain points I wanted to make. I never knew where that other material was being used," Mittman explains.

Not only has she traveled to a lot of places, her writing has been featured in a lot of places, more than 100 publications she says, both here and abroad.

"I've been most published here in the United States but there have been actually, my 7th now in Australia, 2 in England, and 2 in Germany," Marsha says.

But now, a major milestone for Mittman, the publishing of her first full book.

"The name of the book is 'You know you moved to South Dakota from New York City when...,'"she says.

It's non-fiction, but it's funny. She says when she moved to Spearfish she noticed that a lot of the words used here had different meanings then they did out East.

"When a 65 year old man brings home a trophy and it's a stuffed deer's head, not a 20 year old wife," Marsha says, sharing an example.

And she started writing them down.

"When eastern philosophy refers to Sioux Falls views rather than yoga and meditation," she says, sharing another goodhearted example.

Over 20 years those analogies added up.

"So the book is a short story segment about Marsha the New Yorker dropping into a mud pile in South Dakota somewhere, then a sprinkling of these funny things, and then another short story, and then a sprinkling," the author says as she explains the layout of her brand new book.

However, this book is a milestone in another way as well. Marsha was widowed young, which is when she decided to move somewhere new.

"It proves that in middle age, you can pick yourself up, and move, and start a whole new life," Mittman says.

Not only that, but she proves, you can have a lot of fun doing it.

If you're interested in her book, "You know you moved to South Dakota from New York City..." , she says you can find it on Amazon, or you can contact her through her Facebook page.

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