Auditor talks technical difficulties and primary election results officially canvassed

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The results from last week's primary election are in and on Tuesday the City of Rapid City canvassed the votes and made the count official, but a technical snafu slowed down the voting process in Pennington County.

Last week multiple polling stations experienced glitches with the electronic system used to check voter ID's, delaying voters and election results.

Pennington County Auditor Julie Pearson says they'll meet with the software vendor to narrow down what caused the issue so it doesn't happen again in the future.

"Whether it was with connectivity because the information comes to us over the internet, on a secured internet, from our main voter database at the state level and we have to make sure that we can get the right connectivity to be able to use them in the future or if we're going to have to use them as standalone which means they won't interconnect with each other," Julie Pearson said, Pennington County Auditor.

Pearson says they'll probably use a blended system of the electronic system and paper for the general election until they're sure that the electronic poll books will work.