Athletes of the week: Kailleb Walton-Blanden and Dylan Hay

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There wasn't a lot of buzz around the Rapid City Central boys basketball team entering this season

Dylan Hay says, 'Coming out undefeated is really big for us. A lot of teams, a lot of coaches, a lot of media were sleeping on us.'

but now there is tons of chatter in Naasz gymansium
Kailleb Walton Blandon says, 'Good! 9-0'

That hot start has been led by two seniors in Kailleb Walton Blandon and Dylan Hay.

While the two share the backcourt for the Cobblers their styles are completely different

TJ Hay says, 'Dylan wasn't blessed with Kallib's size.'

Walton Blandon brings tons of versatility to the Cobbler line up.

Hay says, 'Biggest thing is he's a playmaker. He's super athletic, long he's got great athletic ability. He's good good jumping skills. He's really agile side to side. He's really tough to guard '

As for Dylan he might not have the athletic ability or height of Walton Blandon but he isn't going to back down from anyone on the hardwood.

Hay says, ' He's what I'd call a gritty player. Every ounce he has he's going to give it . He's going to do everything he can do to put his team in a position to win. Doesn't matter if its 6'7 or 5'7 he's going to guard him. He's not going to back down. "

The two guards have a great relationship on the court and recognize what one another brings to the game.

Walton Bladon says, 'Oh he's a good player. He's got a lot of energy. He can knock a 3 down whenever I pass it to him. he's just a good player.'

Dylan says, 'He's really athletic. He's very quick and hard to guard I love playing on his team he's a good teammate he looks to get his teammates shots.'

While the two spearhead the Cobbler attack there is no competition between the two for the spotlight as they share a great relationship off the court.

Walton Blandon says, " My car just went in for an oil change and he can and picked me up at 6am to leave to go on the bus to Aberdeen."

And that cohesiveness isn't lost on their head coach.

TJ Hay says, " With those two being two of our three captains they were both captains last year they are both three year starters. As a coach I would expect that from them they kind of feed of each other I can remember when they were both sophomores in the state tournament doing the doing the old Duke thing with slapping the court on defensive end. I kind of knew they had a chance to do special things."

The shoemakers are looking to ride their early moment from an undefeated start all the way to the state tournament where they will look to blow the socks off of the competion come the State tournament.

Dylan says, " I'd like to be playing at 8 o'clock at night at the end of March is where our goal is. "

Congratulations to Kailleb Walton Blanden and Dylan Hay on being this week's athletes of the week.

For Black Hills Fox Sports I'm Jeff Voss