Athlete of the week: Noah Krull

Published: Aug. 30, 2018 at 7:08 PM MDT
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Brett Eckert says, 'Well It's exciting to have an athlete like Noah.'

Brett Eckert is in his first year as the Head Coach of the Hill City Rangers. From the first time he watched film he knew he had something special in Senior Noah Krull

Eckert says, ' When you see the explosiveness and the abilities he's been given you just kind of smile and gets excited to know you are going to try to find ways to utilize the talent he has been given.'

Last year Krull played almost everywhere on offense for the Rangers, this year he's just QB 1 a role he enjoys

Noah Krull says, ' I like knowing that everyone is where they are at and where they are going to stay so when we get further in the season we can say we've done this now let's go get stuff done.'

And with the weapons Krull has, he has high expectations for the Rangers offense

Krull says, ' Offense we are going to be pretty deadly. We can throw a little bit, run a little bit. We got some talented running backs we have some good wide receivers and tight ends. So if they stop one of us we are going to give it up to the next guy and see if they can stop them.'

In the 9-man game, it is rare to have a player who only plays on one side of the ball

Eckert says, ' And then defensively, especially for us, he brings a spark he is super athletic. He flys around the field so it is nice to have talent like that and especially speed.

The new coaching staff has also brought a new mentality to the defensive side of the ball as well.

Krull says, ' Focus quite a bit on defense. I feel like when we get to those harder teams like Wall we are going to have a whole bunch of guys to the ball, and stop the ball.'

Despite being a star on both sides of the ball on the football field, and on the hardwood. The impact Krull leaves as a person away from sports may have the biggest effect

Eckert says, ' Then all those other intangibles he has. They start seeing the character he has, the type of person he is, how he goes about the process every day and how he treats other people. So when other kids see that and they really look up to and it models the behavior we want from all of our athletes.'

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