Athlete of the week: Alejandro Rama

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Head Coach Red Cloud Boys, Christian McGhee says, " He's the hardest worker on the floor, and that helps when your team captain and leader does those things for your team to be successful."

Rama knows that no matter who is on the floor with him, they are looking his way for leadership.

Alejandro Rama says, " You have a lot of people looking up to you. And it just doesn't have to be underclassmen like freshman and sophomores looking up to me I know that the seniors on my team also look up to me and that I can be an example for them to work hard too."

Hard work has been something that has always motivated Rama.

Rama says, "I've worked to have those moments and just those days, nights, and mornings all those times that I've spent in the gym that's when it comes down to it."

But it's not only the hardwood where Rama has put in work.

McGhee says, "Ale is one of those kid's that is a coach's dream to have. He's a 4.0 student in the classroom."

Being a coaches dream makes the choice simple for McGhee on putting the ball in the hands of Rama.

McGhee says, "Easy decision. He's the hardest worker, he's in the gym every single morning and after practice. So for me, I just try to set him up in position for him to be successful."

To have the faith of his coach to contribute to big buckets knocks off one thing on the bucket list of Rama.

Rama says, "Its big for me because I've just been waiting for it my whole life. I've been playing basketball since I was little and finally to be the one to take those shots, it really means a lot."

Playing and perfecting those skills since he was young has led to Rama becoming the utility knife for the Crusaders.

McGhee says, 'He can do it all. He can shoot.'
'He can pass.'

Having the hardworking Rama back next year as a senior has his coach feeling confident.

McGhee says, " It's an awesome feeling to know that we are going to be pretty good for the next couple of years because we have him. And for his teammates to know that too. He's going to be there and he's going to be one of the best players in the state."

And while Rama still has this year and his Senior year to look forward to. He already has plans to pass on the hard work mentality that has served him during his time as a student-athlete at Red Cloud.

Rama says, " What I'm hoping to teach them is that hard work goes a long way. It's not all about the skills that you get from working hard, but also the mindsets that you get from working hard and that it just goes a long way to work hard and that it's really important."

Congratulations to Alejandro Rama on being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week.

For Black Hills Fox Sports I'm Jeff Voss