Artist of the year award comes after 8-year journey

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Black Hills Works honored its 2018 Artist of the Year, Jeff McGlade, in a celebration at the Suzie Cappa Art Center Friday.

Black Hills Works 2018 Artist of the Year, Jeff McGlade, says he is fascinated with Vincent van Gogh's work.

It's been eight years since McGlade first stepped foot into the Suzie Cappa Art Center.

Britny Jenkins, project manager at Suzie Cappa Art Center, said McGlade didn’t seem interested at first. “The first couple of months of me knowing him as an artist … he just really didn't seem that interested. He liked coming here but he didn't really seem that interested in his art," she explained.

But after spending the years experimenting with different mediums, he grew a passion for acrylic painting and became fascinated with the unique styles of Vincent van Gogh.

"He changed so much when he found that style, I mean I was kind of blown away actually,” Jenkins said.

How does the artist approach his work?

"Build a picture in your head, think about it, build a picture,” McGlade said.

Now when he's at the art center his confidence and work ethic is much different.

"You don't have to push him too hard, he'll just attack it and he really enjoys that." Jenkins added.

"For Jeff, I really see a dedication and a passion to pursing his artistic endeavors. Once he finds something that he really enjoys doing, he just goes for it with 100 percent enthusiasm,” Jenkins said.

That's why he's been named the 2018 Artist of the Year.

Since 2001, Black Hills Works’ Suzie Cappa Art Center has given artists of all abilities an opportunity to create and sell their work. As for Jeff, well, his work has been flying off the walls.