Art by mission veterans hangs in downtown library

The pieces are a reflection of the veterans at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission who partnered with local artist Christine Siim.
Local individuals donated money, furniture and supplies, all with the intent to give veterans a chance to dig deep inside themselves.

Christine Siim, volunteer art teacher, says "They find out that they can do things that surprise them and the fact that they come in that room and give it a try is a testament to their courage at times when it's difficult to do new things so it's all on them, I mean they make it work."

Lysa Allison, Executive Director for Cornerstone Rescue Mission, says "It's a nice creative outlet where they can just kind of zone into what they are doing and kind of forget some of the other issues that they have.

The art class is in session Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to noon at the mission. Siim says everyone is welcome. If you're interested in seeing the exhibit, it will be on display at the library until December 30.