Art Market highlights Native American Art during Native POP

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Rapid City, SD Rapid City has become a hub for Native American Art and Saturday over forty artists gathered for a unique market at Main Street Square.

Peter Strong, Native POP organizing chair says, "This is our fifth year of having this amazing cultural celebration featuring Native Artists, culture bearers, and performers, and creative folks from around the Great Plains region right here in Main Street Square."

Native POP People of the Plains was buzzing with creative energy Saturday with hundreds of works of art in traditional and non-traditional mediums.

Jim Yellowhawk, artist says, "Native art has been among our people in a lot of ways over centuries whether it's doing bead work, or painting, or horses themselves in any form art was our life."

This year organizers hosted culture bearers who didn't have anything for sale ... but passed on valuable knowledge.

Kyle White, culture bearer says, "We're the ones who bring in the culture. We all have our stories in our information as to how the process goes for each of our individual talents."

And they hope to pass on their culture to anyone willing to learn.

White says, "It's good to hear other people not just Native Americans want to understand about our culture there's a lot of other people from the outside the Indian Community who are really responsive and who are really interested."

While Rapid City has become a hub for Native American art ... these artists hope to spread their works even further.

White says, "For me the message that I would like to pass on to the non-native Community is the talent the level of talent that our people have and it's not showcased as much as it should be."