Art Beat: Prouty Pottery

Published: May. 17, 2018 at 5:15 PM MDT
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A successful artist expanded her business in order to help others be creative.

You might have seen her works at stores like Prairie Edge or Victoria's Garden

"It makes me very happy especially when people say, I saw your mugs at certain retailers. That just makes me happy and I'm proud that the retailers want my products too."

Or maybe a friend has a custom creation you've never seen before.

"I thought it was very therapeutic just to sit at the wheel and create and just kind of silence your mind and your worries. I really enjoy custom items. "

Prouty Pottery started as a home business but recently moved to their new location at the Landstrom building.

"So I got to a point about two years ago that I had to make a decision, either I continue with the clay full-time or I work full-time outside the home which I had a full-time job. So it just got so big that I had to make a choice and I chose the clay and it's just grown since then."

Prouty potter is best known for their unique mugs.

"When you have a favorite mug at home and if it is missing you're like, who took my mug? That's my mug because there is a personal connection to that mug. So I want to make a mug that you are personally connected to and that's your mug. So every morning when you are drinking your coffee or tea, there is a sense of peace."

But she can make just about anything a customer wants.

"So I really like when people are like, can you do this thing? And it is challenging because I'm like yeah I think I can do that and I get to make all kind of weird things people don't think can actually be on a mug."

And their Landstrom location is more than just a pottery studio.

"We've added a paint your own pottery studio. So people can come in and paint their own pieces, I fire it for them. And then we've got clay classes for beginner, intermediate on the wheel, throwing. So we've got a lot of classes and that's what people like."

Prouty also says using American made products is especially important.

"So I make sure that the glazes, my kiln, my stamps, everything that goes into that final product is American made and I found a company that supplies me without clay and it is a South Dakota company."