Art Beat: Native rock duo Scatter Their Own to perform in Rapid City

The Oglala Lakota rock band Scatter Their Own just got back from a west coast tour and Friday Rapid City will get a chance to hear them at Haggerty's Musicworks.

In this week's Art Beat we get a musical sneak peek, along with the latest on their tour, their back story and the future for this band who keeps in all in the family.

Scatter Their Own is a alter-native rock duo of Oglala Lakota ancestry from Pine Ridge.

Their story started in 2012 at Black Hills State University when Scotti met Juliana.

They were a couple first and then came the music.

Scotti Clifford, Scatter Their Own Vocalist, Guitarist says "Juliana picked up my bass guitar one night and she just started playing after I showed her a song and she had like perfect rhythm and she was a natural. I was like, let's start a rock n' roll band."

Fast forward to this week and they just got back from a 5 state, 7 city, 9 gig tour that started in the southwest and ended in Seattle.

From their music video Taste of Time they caught the attention of famous grunge producer Robert Lang and will be recording two 7-inch vinyl records in Lang's Seattle studios in July.

Juliana Brown Eyes-Caho, Scatter Their Own Vocalist, Bass says "It was surreal to be in his studio because he had gold platinum records on his wall from Nirvana and Soundgarden and we were just like freaking out that was like a dream.

Scotti Clifford says "Dave Grohl sites him as being his father figure. If it wasn't for him he wouldn't be who he was, is, today, so we're really excited about that."

When the band hits the road, it's all about family as the duo's children 17-year-old Scotti Junior and 15-year-old Wahpe join the band. They take classes on-line to keep up with school work when they travel.

The name of the band Scatter Their Own is the Englist translation of the word Oglala.

The band fuses the concepts and philosophy of their Native American culture along with a style they have dubbed Alter-Native Rock.

Scotti wrote their song Taste of Time at the request of a family member and Juliana combined her art of film making to create the music video.

Scotti Clifford says "Well I wrote the song Taste of Time as answering a request of one of my aunts about fracking and I said let's talk about water pollution in general and so Taste of Time basically don't put your faith in an empty place talking about calling our corporate America profits over people."

Juliana Brown Eyes-Caho says "I'm into film and photography so I wrote out a screenplay and a script for it and I visualized the beautiful world where everything is intact but then we are searching for water because it's our main caregiver on earth and so I imagined what it would look like if our people didn't have water because we live on the reservation in the middle of nowhere and we have the White River and that's not drinking water at all so I just amde this really creepy weird type of world, dystopian world where we didn't have water and what that would look like."

Scatter Their Own plays at colleges and clubs throughout the country. Along with their music, while touring they want to represent modern day Native America and spread the message that, we are one race, the human race and we should not race one another.

Scatter Their Own will be in the Haggerty's parking lot Friday evening at 5.

You can check out their music on all social media platforms to include YouTube, Spotify and Itunes.