Art Beat: Music Adds Up to dollars for elementary music education

Local performers are polishing up on their musical theatre skills, rehearsing for upcoming shows that will benefit local elementary music education.

In this week's Art Beat, we caught up with a group of singers who will be part of this year's Black Hills Goes to Broadway benefit concert.

This is just a taste of this year's Music Adds Up presentation coming up at the Performing Arts Center August 5th and 6th.

Music Adds Up is a group that formed three years ago, the name came when one of the organizers was working on a grant that focused on how music makes better engineers.

The goal of this group, to raise money for elementary music education.

Molly Dailey, Elementary Music Teacher says "The sole focus of it is to raise money to help support elementary music in Rapid City and this area in general and I am also a elementary music teacher myself so it seemed like a wonderful thing to support for my students and my community and my school."

Teaching children music benefits them in so many ways. It helps with classroom engagement, intellectual development, language skills, spacial skills and auditory processing.

The money raised at Music Adds Up will fund two types of grants.

Molly Dailey says "One is a professional development grant which as a music teacher is such a blessing because it's hard to find funds to go and learn more about your craft.

You spend so much time on your own doing research and so much time and so much of your own money on resources.

And the second kind of grant they give are for specific music resources and tools and instruments."

Susan Roberts says "I was one of the lucky recipients of the grant from Music Adds Up this year along with Sue Hay from Beadle, we received a grant to bring in Kevin Locke to perform. He's a famous Native American world renown performer that's going to come and play and dance for the two schools and have a flute building workshop."

This group is having a great time getting ready to perform favorite Broadway hits, it's a benefit for our kids and chance for camaraderie among musical theatre fans.

Along with this group, Black Hills Goes to Broadway will feature several acts singing on the Performing Arts Stage.

Molly says "It's been an absolute pleasure being a part of this the last two years and I can't wait to put this show up in two weeks. It's gonna be fabulous and I hope the community comes and supports it because it supports our kids."

Tickets for the Saturday 7:30 and Sunday 2 p.m. shows are available at performing arts r-c dot org.

Or, you can make a donation to Music Adds Up at music adds up dot org.