Art Beat: Great Small Works III - perfect for the holidays

As the saying goes, "Good things come in small packages."

That is the idea behind an art exhibit with pieces that are perfect as gifts for the holidays.

In this week's Art Beat a local art group of artists is showcasing their works for all to see and making them available for buyers this holiday season.

In downtown Rapid City on the top floor of the Prairie Edge is a gallery space perfect for Great Small Works III, a collaboration of art created by the Artists of the Black Hills.

The group is made up of professional artists and galleries in the Black Hills.

Tim Peterson, President of Artists of the Black Hills, says "And we're about 40 members strong and I believe and most of the men live in the Black Hills, although that's not a requirement. You need to have a presence in the Black Hills either being represented by a gallery or a history of showing artwork in the Black Hills, something Black Hills related."

Here you will find something for everyone, numerous mediums and styles of paintings to include oil and watercolor, photography, sculptures and even ornaments for your Christmas tree.

The one consistent element is their size, they are small and designed with the plan of being perfect gifts and just the right size that will fit in any home or office.

The artists enjoy the challenge of downsizing.

Peterson says "Well, it's a challenge for mst of us because I'd say the great majority of us are used to working much larger so to confine our mediums, our subject matter to a much smaller area is a bit of a challenge for us. It's kinda fun."

The Artists of the Black Hills group is as diverse as the art they create ... with artists ranging in age from the 20's to the 80's. The group meets a couple of times of year to plan their shows and share ideas on how to market their work.

Small Works will be on display until December 31st and is open to the with an artist reception Friday at 5.

Peterson says "This is our miniature show and we have this as a compliment to our annual show which is usually held at the Dahl in the summertime and then towards the holidays we like to offer minature works which are a little easier to afford and hang nicely in places in your home so we're trying to capture the holiday spirit with our miniature show."

Tim Peterson, who has been painting since he was a child, believes ... along with his fellow artists, that the Black Hills offer so many scenic opportunities to create art. It is their group's mission to make people aware and educate them about the types of art and artists we have here in the hills.

Peterson says "Either from figurative works, people doing things here.
Native culture or just the whole range of subject matter covered by our members. We're trying to get people to come to the hills and see the art that's here. The people that live here are well aware of the many galleries and just the great art we have here in the hills, but we're trying to get people to come in from outside the area to come and visit the hills to see the art work."

At Friday's reception this piece of art will be raffled off and given to one lucky winner. All the other pieces are available for purchase.

The display will be at the Prairie Edge Gallery until December 31st.

Great Small Works features more than 60 pieces of art from 30 artists. Many of them will be in attendance at Friday's reception.