Art Beat: Summer Nights at the Black Hills Playhouse

There's nothing like a summer night at the Black Hills Playhouse where nature meets art for an evening of exceptional entertainment.

You have permission to go ahead and sing along with this week's Art Beat .. as the Playhouse cast puts the finishing touches on their next musical, Grease.

On an afternoon earlier this week cast members rehearse outside, while the technical crew transforms the stage, rewind to 1958.

Rydell High School, a girl named Sandy is hopeless devoted to a boy named Danny.

Enter the T-birds. and the Pink Ladies. as most of us know the story begins.

Like the students of Rydell High, the Playhouse cast depends on each other.

This is Josie's first year at the Playhouse and an entire summer of theatre will be a benefit when she gets back to college in the fall.

Josie Kasik, Sandy says " You learn a lot about yourself and about the job and the people here that have been here before they definitely teach you some more things about theatre and you learn new experiences and new things that I don't think I would of been able to learn if I hadn't come here."

For the director/choreographer the kind of teamwork these actors display just makes the show that much better.

Bybee, Director & Choreographer, says "We are so lucky to have this cast. They are wonderful. They are from all over the country and we have brought them all together and we get to experience their talents and their experience and we lift each other and they lift me and we have a great time putting together Grease."

These actors live and work at the playhouse. They act, work on sets, help in the ticket booth and even do the dishes.

It's Jason's third summer living at the playhouse in Custer State Park.

Jason Coppenbarger, Danny, says "This, I feel like it goes back into my roots to my camping days. You're out here 24/7, camping, rehearsing all day and performing at night and a lot of hard work and a lot of great patrons to come out and see us. I's really a magnificent opportunity. "

Grease is the third show of the season, many of these actors just finished Young Frankenstein last weekend and are flipping the switch with new dialogue, songs and choreography.

It's a challenge they all welcome.

Blair Bybee travels the world directing and choreographing shows.

The Black Hills offers a unique setting for the art his cast is creating.

Blair ByBee says "I think the magic of the Playhouse is just that you get to come to nature and experience true creativity and that is something that is unlike other places."

In the middle of a hot summer, The Black Hills Playhouse is ready to celebrate those beautiful Summer Nights.

Grease starts tomorrow night and runs until August 7th.Tickets are available at Black Hills Playhouse dot com.