Art Beat: Firehouse Brewing Theatre celebrates 10th year with scary season opener

Fall means more than just the changing color of the leaves, it's also the start of theater season.

At one small local theater they are preparing for a show that just might make you jump out of your seat. A preview of The Woman in Black in this week's Art Beat.

In downtown Rapid City just above the famous Firehouse restaurant is the Firehouse Brewing Theatre, an intimate theatre that seats only 90 patrons.

They are celebrating 10 years in the theater business and with this new decade of entertainment comes new leadership.

Thomas Golden, Firehouse Theatre Director, says "There's a little bit of a change. Jan Swank retired at the end of last year and I was asked if I was interested to step into the position, which is quite frankly my dream job and specifically running a theater above a bar in this kind of a setting, doing these kind of plays is what I always wanted to do so it worked perfectly."

Shows at this theatre cater to adult audiences so they have the opportunity to perform plays with a bit more edge.

For their season opener, Woman in Black, Halloween season is a perfect time for this show.

Thomas Golden, says "It's based on a British horror novel that all British school children are forced to read at some point.

It is a really chilling tale, very simple, very subtle and at the end you just want to curl up in a blanket and cuddle something."

Barry Longden is a veteran Firehouse Theatre actor who plays the role of Actor Kipps in this two-man show.

His character helps the gentleman tell his story, a psychological terror with twists and turns along the way.

Barry Longdon, Actor Kipps, says "With two gentlemen involved in the show it has quite a bit of interaction, just the two of us, and then not to mention the fact that there's a huge technical component to the show to just give the ambience of how to see things you normally wouldn't see, there's not a lot of big special effects or anything. It's a lot about the imagination of the audience and having to come up with the images in their head of what's actually happening on stage."

For many actors and technical crew members the Firehouse Theatre is a great place to get involved in this art.

Barry says "I love the Firehouse because we get to do some really fun shows up here and it's a really interesting atmosphere.

We get to interact with the audience a lot.

We get to do some really cool things on the stage up here and it's just a really cool atmosphere to be in."

Sara Lindholom, The Woman in Black Stage Manager, says "I like how easy going it is up here. It was my first experience on stage o this stage and it was probably the best theatre to break out into and all the people you get to meet through the show are just some of the most interesting people you never thought you would work with on a stage in your life."

On Fridays and Saturdays this 90 seat theatre can fill up fast, so for those who haven't been to this theatre before, the cast has a message.

Barry Longdon says "You gotta come see the show. You can't not see the show. Tell your friends, tell your dog, come see the show."

The Woman in Black shows Fridays and Saturdays during the month of October.

Reservations can be made by calling the Firehouse Wine Cellar or going online to Firehouse Wine