Art Beat: Art, fun, food and surprises at The Goods

The Rapid City Arts Council is getting ready for an evening of art, fun, bidding and surprises, all while they raise money to bring access to the arts for people of all ages in our region.

This week we learn about the clever fundraiser and get a preview of the beautiful art that is the focal point of The Goods, in this week's Art Beat.

For those who truly appreciate a beautiful painting, dance or melody, giving back to programs that support the arts, teach students and encourage upcoming artists is part of that appreciation, that's why 63 artists each created an 8 by 8 painting and donated it to the fundraiser The Goods.
These anonymous paintings are on display at the Dahl for one more day before they each find a new home through a lottery sale silent auction.

Pepper Massey, Rapid City Arts Council Executive Director, says "Up to 15 people can put their name down until the evening of The Goods and then we open up 10 more slots on that sheet so up to 25 people and we select one of those names through out computerized random drawing system and that individual has the privilege of purchasing that piece of art for $125."

By keeping the works anonymous it allows all the artists the opportunity to shine.

Pepper Massy says "I believe the premise behind this was to put artists on an even playing field by having emerging and professional artists, very well known recognized artists, in the same space, unsigned again so people are really looking at the art for art sake rather than choosing it and making it affordable for the first time collector, young professional, helping them be able to take home a work of art."

To further raise money for art programs, several additional pieces will be a silent auction during the evening.

As for the 8 by 8's on the wall, the wide variety of subject and style ensures there is at least one piece that speaks to everyone.

Pepper Massey says "The artwork is especially diverse, we have many artists, different styles, different mediums. The artwork is not signed so we're hoping people com in and they fall in love with the work that they want or a couple of pieces, they can only take one home."

Along with the lottery auction, the evening will be filled with good music, dance, food, wine and some entertainment surprises.

Another surprise comes during the highlight of the evening when the artists are revealed.

Pepper Massey says "Every year we have recognizable works. Often times we will have an artist that is known for a particular kind of art that would completely change it up and do something different. There's always oohing and aahing and in taking in of breath in the event center when we're announcing who the artist is. There's always a surprise."

Proceeds from The Goods benefit three areas within the Rapid City Arts Council - the visual arts, performing arts and arts education.

The Goods takes place at the Dahl Friday at 6 p.m. and tickets are still available by going to the Dahl Arts Center or online at the dahl dot org.