Art Beat: Alternative Punk band to play at all women's music event

After several months of planning two local women organized an upcoming one-day event to celebrate and learn from female singers, musicians and songwriters in the Black Hills.

In this week's Art Beat we'll meet one of the bands performing at the Singing Does showcase and hear why music is such an important part of life for them.

Purple Honey, a local alternative-punk band is one of the performers scheduled for Saturday's Singing Doe event.

The purpose of the Showcase is to provide a safe and empowering space for female musicians of different backgrounds and genres to network, grow and encourage each other.

Purple Honey is made up of three women and one guy ... but he's used to being the only man in the room.

Kahle Mowry, Drummer, says "Ah, well, I grew up with 3 sisters so I'm honestly pretty used to it. Three girls in the band too, no, it's good."

These musicians are excited to be part of this first time full day music experience.

Natasha Lewis, Keyboards, says "Like it's a whole day event where you can bring your kids. Bring anyone who has a guitar and I think there's going to be a folk after jam thing going on but just to get ladies out there up in the fore front and really promoting ourselves as musicians and taking it back from the boys, sorry Kahle."

Brittany Hullinger, Bass, says "But here it seems like the musician community is sort of dominated by men, and that's fine, but it's good to like hey, we're girls. "

Members of Purple Honey hope the Singing Does event encourages and motivates young female musicians.

Natasha says "The music scene doesn't thrive unless we have our high school kids. The ones that are out there at school passing out flyers and bringing new people and that's why I think it's important for our all ages shows for all of these venues to open up there doors to have these all ages shows even if it's not all the time because who's going to be the new musicians and who's going to keep it alive if they don't have the kids coming ."

Brittany says "There's going to be an explosion of women who are going to have punk bands in the next few years. Like it is gonna happen."

These musicians have been in the local music scene for awhile, both in previous bands and for more than two years with Purple Honey.

They believe music is a natural bond and their advice for aspiring musicians is to go for it.

Kerensa Karinen, Guitar and Songwriter, says "Anytime anyone can get away from whatever is going on in there life, I mean that what it's all about, connecting with them, getting that energy across and then inspiring them maybe and then connect with someone else. That's my main goal, just connecting. You don't really have anything to lose, there's never anything to lose, just go out there because, yea, I mean, do it."

When it comes to the band's inspiration for original music, that's easy.

Kerensa says "Love, I mean that's the main thing right?"

When the guitars and amps are plugged in ... the stress of the day seems to fade away.

Kerensa says "We have all these crazy life moments that we kind of want to get away from sometimes you know and it's a way to get away."

The Singing Doe Workshop starts at 10:30 on Saturday at Racing Magpie with a networking brunch, a local experts panel and a folk syle open jam session.

The showcase with performances starts at 6 at Harriet and Oak and it is open to the public.

Anna Robbins and Hillary Prescan are the two credited with coming up with this first time event.