Art Alley offers anyone an opportunity to express themselves

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Art, a way of expression, impacting everyone's life that sees it.

A sign posted right at the start of Art Alley.

"It can be really like a ripple effect for putting out your message or how you feel and to really reinforce a sense of community also," said Katie Wolff from the Dahl Arts Center.

And Rapid City is crawling with works of art from all across the spectrum.

"One thing I love about Rapid City is it's so patriotic all of these presidents on every street corner, that's unique. And I love Art Alley, I mean people expressing themselves so it's just freedom, said tourist John Boerman.

Art Alley is a great way for people to come down and express themselves through art, but you cant just come down here and paint whatever you want.

"It's a permit process and basically you're approved on the design depending on the location," said Wolff. "Sometimes it's the building owner who approves or its been left up to the RCAS, Rapid City Arts Council."

And the only rules is that no profane, obscene, or abusive language is permitted in the alley.

"Its greatly important to have a public space where people can go in and create and express themselves and even maybe work through what they're feeling or make a statement, because then it's out in the community and other people can see it and go there and experience the art," said Wolff.

For more information a getting a permit click