April snow hits Rapid City

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On Tuesday Mother Nature decided to give Rapid City a taste of winter in the middle of spring.

Snow was gradually piling up around Main Street Square.

Some people actually think the snowy weather is nice.

Others, just want it to stop.

President & CEO of Destination Rapid City Main Street Square Dan Senftner says, "I think we better learn to enjoy it. And it's actually kind of nice. Think about the moisture there is and how green everything is going to be after a little snow cover and that light rain. I think it's very nice."

Library Associate One of Rapid City Public Library Chutima Supboon says, "It's been crazy. I mean we just had a very nice weekend and last week it was very nice and then suddenly it's snowing. It's something that I need to get used to it."

Lead Pastor at First Christian Church Trevor Harrison says, "I just moved here from Ohio hoping I had gotten through all the winter. This was a surprise this morning. It's not bad and driving around wasn't terrible this morning."

On Tuesday we should be expecting about three inches of snow in Rapid.

The roads will still be slick so remember to drive carefully.