Apple ditches the "i" glitch

Published: Nov. 10, 2017 at 4:54 PM MST
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The glitch came after the company released its latest mobile operating system, that's iOS 11 and its new iPhone X.

Due to the glitch, users would type in the letter "i" and the character would be auto- corrected to an "A" along with a unicode question mark symbol.

Effecting iMessage, and several other social media apps, this was a function that impacted several devices and their users. Apple provided users with a workaround in the settings menu to temporarily solve the problem before coming up with a more permanent solution.

Rory Stone in sales at Computer Village says, "They're fixing so many issues, there is probably a billion lines of code in the phone, so if one or two is off, it happens but the nice thing about Apple is they address the issue and they will have a a patch out very soon which is nice. The big thing we stress is getting that phone backed up so if you do go forward and something is wrong, you might be able to to roll things back a little bit."

If you've been experiencing the issue, Apple released a new software update named iOS 11.1.1 in which it says it addresses an issue with the keyboard auto-correct.