Annual Ask-A-Lawyer program offering free legal advice again

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Need some free legal advice?

You can get some for a limited time.

As part of the 32nd annual Ask-A-Lawyer program, South Dakotans can get free legal advice from experienced lawyers.

Mclean Thompson Kerver runs the west river call center for the program.

She says Ask-A-Lawyer is important because people who live in rural parts of the state don't have much access to attorneys and the court system, and some of them wait all year to call in.

"We answer all sort of questions during these three days. We answer thousands of calls. We get calls on do I need a will? Do I need an attorney? I have a dispute with my neighbor. It's a landlord-tenant issue. We get a lot of divorce and child custody issues. So really all walks of the legal field. We get questions from all areas. So don't be afraid to ask. It's free. Call us," McLean Thompson Kerver said.

If you live on the western side of the state and need free legal advice, call 1-877-229-2214.

One of 60 volunteer lawyers can answer your call Tuesday, May 2nd and Wednesday, May 3rd from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.