Animals may not be the best idea for a holiday gift

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Rapid City, SD Giving holiday gifts can be fun but, giving someone a gift that requires some work is always a gamble

A cute puppy with a red bow is defintely a sweet surprise but if you are even a little unsure if the gift is a good idea ... folks at the Humane Society say wait.

The Humane Society of the Black Hills says they see a few animals come in after the holidays that are unwanted gifts but it's not a crisis.

Animals are anywhere from a year to a 15 year commitment and the Humane Society encourages adoptions but has another suggestion when thinking of an animal as a gift.

Jerry Steinley "So what we would suggest if you wan tot get a puppy or a kitten for somebody for Christmas if you are not exactly sure what they want or if they are not ready possibly to get gift certificates for the humane society and come down with them in January or February or whenever they are ready and then pick out a puppy or a kitty together."

The Humane Society will be open from 8am to 3pm on Christmas Eve, closed Christmas day and then will resume regular winter hours.