Angler works to preserve fish stories

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Rapid City, SD Fishermen are notoriously great story tellers will plenty of tall tales.

And one man in Pierre is working to preserve those stories through an online Data Base.

Buddy Seiner says that after his grandfather passed away he wished he had a recording of all the fish stories his grandfather used to tell.

He then created as a way to help others preserve their loved one's stories forever.

Buddy Seiner says, "Angler to angler your going to have them open up to you and they are really going to tell you their stories and there are so many anglers out there ... there is 49-million anglers in the United States alone and imagine the stories that are out there and the people these amazing people that tell these stories we need to start capturing them and preserving them for future generations."

Seiner hopes to have 5-thousand stories in 2018. If you have a fish story worth telling you can follow the instructions on the website to preserve your story forever.