American Advertising Federation learns about branding and DO BIG THINGS

Sponsored - The American Advertising Federation of the Black Hills invited BCF, an advertising agency based out of Virginia Beach, VA, to talk about the "Do Big Things" campaign with members. They discussed how the campaign was implemented and how the brand has grown since it sprung up 5 years ago. The former president of the AAF says that although there's always a challenge to try and capture the essence of community,
this has truly been a perfect fit.

Beth Hottel, past President of the Black Hills Chapter of AAF, says " It's vibrant, it's exciting, it speaks to who we are as a community and we're proud of that and we like to show that off to the rest of the world and that has resonated with tourists and travelers."

Keith Ireland, Chief Creative Officer of BCF shared tips on cultivating a brand and says there was a reason this area and the campaign meshed so well.

"It was a place that allows people to express themselves fully. A place that truly invites people to do big things to be able to take that feeling home with them, do big things in your own life. It's a very aspirational and inspirational message" Ireland said.

The Local Black Hills Chapter of the AAF meets monthly and invites people to visit their website if they have any interest in learning more about the organization or supporting the creative community.