Amendment W aims to clean up corruption in South Dakota

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Now a revised version of that proposed law is back under a new name -- Amendment W -- which will appear on the ballot this November.

A month before the deadline, 50 thousand signatures were handed in for Amendment W to appear on the ballot.

Amendment W field director Doug Kronaizl says that the proposed amendment QUOTE "aims to Ban lobbyist gifts to legislatures and hold political rule breakings responsible -- and open up the government and work more for the voters and less for special interest lobbyists." END QUOTE

A vote yes on Amendment W is sending a message to Pierre that government is something that needs to work for voters, it's not something that needs to be padding the pockets of office holders, its not something that needs to be greasing any wheels. It's something that just needs to be responsive to what the voters want to see out there. says Doug Kronaizl

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