Allender touches on many topics related to COVID-19 in briefing

Mayor Steve Allender in a COVID-19 briefing.
Mayor Steve Allender in a COVID-19 briefing.(KOTA)
Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 4:36 PM MDT
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In Wednesday's daily COVID-19 briefing, Mayor Steve Allender touched on numerous topics related to the virus.

The mayor said the 2020 budget needs to be reworked and that the 2021 budget needs to be made. Next year's budget has to be given to the City Council by late July or early August.

Allender also said the City's solid waste staff is struggling with the increase of private haulers dropping off garbage. He says private haulers have almost doubled and this rate is unsustainable. He says, worst case scenario, the City might have to restrict some of those services in order to continue their primary curbside and commercial pickups.

Additionally, during Monday's upcoming City Council meeting, the council will have to address the closure ordinance-- either to extend it or let it expire on April 8th. Allender says they are being advised by a medical provider. He also strongly encourages people to stay home and if they need to comment.... to send them in by email.

Allender said both the government and the community need to work together in order flatten the curve and not over-load the hospital system.

"If the government does it's part and the community does it's part, we can flatten this curve. we can slow down the peak infection date," said Allender. "We can spread out the peak infection over a longer period of time, we can keep from over-running the hospital services-- that's the whole goal here."

Allender said city officials could check in with businesses that are still open to touch base and make sure they are abiding by the city ordinance.

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