Air Quality Alert issued in for 2nd time this week in west Rapid City

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Winds have howled multiple times this week across the Black Hills, prompting two Air Quality Alerts for west Rapid.

Air quality is monitored by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. If there is a concern with air quality, the DENR can issue an alert which is then relayed to the National Weather Service, where the information is disseminated to the public. The Air Quality Alert Thursday was issued for the west side of Rapid City, west of the gap. The city's Air Quality Office says the effects of a day like Thursday are felt most by those who have respiratory issues.

Communications Coordinator for the City of Rapid City Darrell Shoemaker says, "It's targeted predominantly for people who are elderly, people who are young, people who have respiratory issues. The main emphasis is to alert them that we have an Air Quality Alert, and also they need to take precautions such as, if they have a respiratory issue, perhaps stay inside, limit their physical exertion if they are outside so it doesn't impact their respiratory condition."

The Air Quality Alert will expired at 7 p.m. Thursday.