Air Force says private wells near Ellsworth AFB test positive for compounds used in fighting fires

Published: Oct. 5, 2018 at 3:51 PM MDT
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The Air Force says nine private drinking water wells near Ellsworth Air Force Base tested above the EPA health advisory level for two chemicals used in a foam used to fight petroleum-based fires at the base.

And Ellsworth spokesman says nine wells tested above the EPA limit for PFOS and PFOA and says all nine of the wells are in Box Elder, primarily in the Thunderbird subdivision and south and southwest of the base.

Lieutenant Dan Rosenfield says bottled drinking water is being provided to people affected as a short term solution.

He says they can't tell us at this time how far above the health advisory level those wells are.

Rosenfield says it's not a widespread issue, and says if you haven't been notified of the problem, it doesn't affect you.