Air Force Financial Services Center working hard after hurricanes

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With a number of hurricanes in the last month, the workload is starting to build for employees at the Air Force Financial Services Center.

After hurricanes like Harvey and Irma touched down in the United States - leaving devastation in their wake - efforts to rebuild are underway.
Evacuations were forced along the coast - including at air force bases in Florida and South Carolina.

Branch Manager Gregory Hansel says, "When the weather comes up and we see things are coming -- we start coordinating with the bases early. That's kind of a key thing to coordinate early before they evacuate."

With those evacuations come more travel vouchers filed by airmen. The Air Force Financial Services Center expects 6 to 8 thousand more on top of their usual summer workload - keeping them busy at an already busy time of year when many airmen are moving bases.

Jamie Hartsock says, "We try to allocate everything and try to take from other places. We try to form a bigger and better team to handle it a little more."
- and communication are key at peak times like this.
Hartsock says, "We have three different bases that aren't anywhere near each other and we also have policy offices that aren't anywhere near us so we try to teleconn and do whatever we can to make sure everyone is prepared."
And though the work may be soaring for these centers - at the end of the day, they say they are happy to help.
Hansel says, "Very rewarding to be part of the process and take care of the displaced families and make sure they get paid as quickly and accurately as possible."