Agriculture producers recognized at Ag Appreciation Banquet

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On Thursday agriculture producers were recognized at the 37th annual "Ag Appreciation Banquet."

More than 400 farmers and ranchers gathered in Rapid City to honor both the Ag Producer of the Year and the Aggie of the Year.

Dan Lindblom believes he won his award because of the quantity and quality of his cattle.

Ag Producer of the Year Dan Lindblom says, "I would supposed it's probably both and the fact that we always, I always had a feeling that you owed something to your community."

Aggie of the Year Dan Warren says, "Well I think basically it boiled down to my involvement with the Ag Committee, with the Chamber of Commerce, and being involved in everything that agriculture is because agriculture is in fact South Dakota's number one industry so it's incredibly important to our region and our state."

Both award recipients received belt buckles for their contributions to the agriculture industry.

They also say they are humbled and honored by the recognition.