Advice for riding on motorcycles with pets

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Sometimes we see dogs sticking their heads out of a car, but how often do you see them on the back of a motorcycle?

We bumped into Kimberly Curry Jones and her two faithful furry companions earlier this week.

She traveled from Oregon for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with her dogs Sonny and Cher.

Kimberly says her dogs have been riding motorcycles with her for years.

But if you'd like to travel long-distance with your pets, she has a bit of advice to give.

Kimberly Curry Jones says, "First I think it would be good to get them used to the noises and then slowly getting them on the bike itself as it's running, and doing short trips before you do a long trip. In the beginning it was probably more difficult, but they've been riding for ten years so it's just part of our life. Wherever we go, they go."

Cher rides with a small pair of goggles on so she can safely enjoy the wind in her face.

Kimberly says she loves traveling with her pets, and is looking forward to riding with them to Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.