AAA offers Tipsy Tow to avoid disaster on the roads this holiday weekend

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Typically with the holidays, comes drinking, which is why AAA is warning motorists to call Tipsy Tow to avoid any disasters on the road this Thanksgiving weekend.

With more cars out on the road and more people out drinking, AAA offers the service, which gives people an alternative to getting behind the wheel while drunk.
The day before Thanksgiving is known as "Blackout Wednesday," which means there are more people out on the roads, which can create a recipe for disaster.

Rhonda Keller, Branch Manager at Rapid City AAA, says, "It is one of the highest travel days of the year, 90% of all South Dakotans that are leaving for Thanksgiving will travel today. It is also one of the highest days for alcoholic drinking amongst college students and families just getting together in general, so we're just providing an alternative to, for people to, if they've been drinking to not have them be on the road."

Tipsy Tow started Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. and runs through Monday.
AAA will give you, one more person, and your vehicle a free ride.
You do not have to be a member and just have to call 800-AAA-HELP and say you need a Tipsy Tow.