A tree is giving back more than just oxygen

SPEARFISH, S.D. (KEVN) - Holiday cheer and snow fill Main Street in Spearfish, putting people in a mood to give back. There's also a tree that is doing its part.

This tree is giving back more than just oxygen this winter.

The Giving Tree has a message for everyone: "have one, leave one, need one, take one." It aims to catch people's eyes as they walk by.

"We put together a program where initially we just were the only ones buying the hats and the gloves and the scarves and making them available at no cost to anyone that will need them," said KW Black Hills Realtor Michelle Watson.

Since starting over three years ago, KW Black Hills has received donations from as far as Georgia.

It's not the only tree around either. There are two more in Sturgis and Belle Fourche.

"It seems like a small need, it seems like something that's maybe a smaller item," said Watson. "Really, it might be that you and I take it for granted because it's just something we have but honestly it's vital to a lot of people who don't have that or don't have access to those."

Donating is super easy. All you have to do if find an item you would like to donate and find a giving tree in your community. All that's left is to put it in the bag and it's ready to go for someone who needs it.

"It is being used and it's not uncommon for me to show up to a tree and maybe put twenty-five items, thirty items out and two or three days later have one or two left on the tree," said Watson.

With the temps winding down as the winter season approaches, the need for warm winter gear is greater than ever. So there's never been a better time to follow this tree's example and give.