A look into the RCAS 2017-2018 budget

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Money is a big topic at Monday night's Rapid City Area School Board meeting, as they unveil the budget for the upcoming year.

A total of more than $189 million is allotted for the entire district, with more than $92 million dedicated to the general fund, and about $28 million for maintenance and construction under the capital outlay fund.
School district officials say expenses are up this year, but one of the biggest changes is where money for the district's pension fund is coming from.

Dave Janak, Assistant Superintendent of Fiscal and Support Services says, "I think people that pay attention to Rapid City Area Schools budget will notice we have no revenue that's going into the pension account anymore because those taxes were eliminated by the legislature not this past session -- but the session prior. So that pension fund is being funded with general funds right now."

Janak says people will also notice a significant use of money from the reserves fund, used for maintenance projects, and the capital outlay flexibility fund, where employee salaries are being paid from.