Popcorn continues to pop, and projectors have been rolling at the Elks Theatre

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Popcorn continues to pop, and projectors are back up and rolling, since early May at the Elks Theatre.

An employee is getting the popcorn ready for customers. (KEVN)

"Given the situation, I think our crowds are about what we expected. As a comparison to pre-pandemic numbers, we're not there yet, but we will be," says the owner of the Elks Theatre, Curt Small.

And moviegoers are thrilled to be watching movies from the big screen.

"Be able to do it safely with the social distancing, but also be able to enjoy each other and actually see each other. And then being in the theatre, it's a totally different experience to watching the movies at home," says a moviegoer, Kim Patton.

Now, when it comes to the movie industry, Small believes it will get back to where it was before the pandemic.

"There's a line of product just waiting to be played as soon as film presentations resume across the country. And it's going to be a very solid fall and winter season for film going," says Small.

Even though films are back on the big screen, the Elks is still bringing the movie theater experience to people with their popcorn delivery service.

"I think everybody's comfort level is different, and we want to try and accommodate as many people as we can," says Small.