Research is key before hiring roofing contractors

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Due to recent hail storms, many homeowners have been dealing with the roof damage left behind.

Roofing scams (KEVN)

The City's Building Service Division reminds the public to do their research before hiring roofing contractors.

The building permit coordinator for Rapid City, Brad Solon, says they're seeing an increase in contractor license applications for roofing.

With that, Solon says the public will see more people in town offering to do roofing, siding, and window and gutter replacement.

But before you hire a contractor, make sure to do your research.

"Check references, make sure that they have a license. That they have excise tax, that they have insurance, and that they've done all the things they need to do to do contracting in Rapid City," says Solon.

Solon says homeowners need to be careful about paying money upfront or paying in full so they don't get ripped off.