The Emergency Shelter at the Civic Center's Rushmore Hall received its first resident

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) The Civic Center's Rushmore Hall has been turned into an Emergency Shelter for sick members of the homeless population.

The emergency shelter is open and ready to help those who come in.(KEVN)

The shelter officially opened on Friday at 6 am and received its first resident by mid-morning.

Currently, there are four shelter staff members in place ready to help.

The emergency shelter is set up for homeless individuals who are ill.

The people admitted to the shelter have to be referred by health care facilities or service providers.

One hundred beds are set up, and they're six feet apart.

The Rushmore Hall is divided into three areas where individuals will be placed based on the severity of their symptoms.

"If we run into a situation where the hospitals can't take them or if the mission can't take them, this is going to be an option. That those health care provides, those hospitals those service provides they can refer this individual or individuals to the emergency shelter," says the city communications coordinator, Darrell Shoemaker.

At this time, the temporary shelter will be in place until June 26. That date was selected because of possible events the Civic Center could hold in July and August. However, Shoemaker says the date can change.