Shopping for others during the pandemic

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Heading to the grocery store can be a hassle at times, and that's before you add a pandemic to the mix. That is why many people are turning to other resources to get the job done.

Cayla Daley is completing an Instacart order. (KEVN)

Cayla Daley has been working for Instacart for about a year now. It was pretty popular before the pandemic, but now it's blowing up.

"I posted a few adds on the Facebook market place, and we blew up. Suddenly we're getting first order, first order, first order. You can see how many first orders a person has placed, and we got so many new people, which was fantastic," says Daley.

And when it comes to heading to the store to get the job done, Daley says it can be tough.

"Looking around and seeing all the food that's disappearing and going, how am I going to eat? What am I going to buy? Can I fulfill this full order? Because when your tip is based on the total, and you get less items, you get less of a tip. So really stressful."

Even though orders are coming in, there are some drawbacks. Before the pandemic started, Daley was completing eight to ten orders a day, but now she says she's lucky to do three or four.

"We're getting a lot more orders through, but since there are more shoppers, it's divided up between us," says Daley.

But in the end, Daley says it's worth it.

"At the same time, knowing that I was helping someone else who maybe wasn't able to leave their home really made me feel good," Daley.

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