Local gyms are open, and you may notice some changes

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) As more businesses continue to open, owners and customers are adjusting to a new norm.

People are getting back into a gym routine. (KEVN)

And area gyms are no exception.

Koko FitClub in Rapid City reopened their doors to all their members on May 4.

And even though workout machines are available, normal operations have changed a bit for everyone's safety.

All of the free weights items in the facility are eliminated, for now.

Machines are spaced out, and every other machine is currently shut off to ensure proper distancing.

Meanwhile, a few machines have been transferred into a private exercising room.

When it comes to masks, customers are encouraged to wear them while walking through the facility, and when they get to a machine, they can take it off. But fitness coaches interacting with members are required to wear a mask at all times.

"We're wearing masks when we're coaching them through. We're keeping our distance from the machine and members and just giving them the encouragement and advice they need to get their workout done," says Yellow Robe.

Yellow Robe says these protocols will stay in place until further notice.