Fall River Health Services begins curbside screening

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. (KEVN) - Even before COVID-19 reached our area, Fall River Health Services had already taken action. At the beginning of March, they began screening both staff and patients for signs of illness.

Multiple tents are set up outside of Fall River Health Services for screening and treatment purposes.

"We have been proactive and jumped on board as soon as we knew there was going to be a risk to our community," says Director of Patients Lori Allen. "We made sure that from the time anyone enters our facility to the time they exit, they are not only receiving top-quality care but they are receiving safe care."

Now, they have amped up their screening by moving it curbside. When entering the campus, drivers are stopped at the first tent and questioned by nursing staff. Following questioning, patients with respiratory symptoms are then moved to the treatment tent to receive care. Lastly, a third tent is set up for decontamination. Although each tent has a different purpose, the ultimate goal is to protect patients and employees.

Allen stresses the importance of being open and honest about your symptoms. She wants people to know that they won't be turned away and that Fall River Health Services just wants to provide the most appropriate care in the most appropriate location.