Food pantry struggles to stay stocked

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Church Response is having trouble keeping their pantry stocked.

A Rapid City woman bags bananas before they get sent out.

"We have enough food to make it to the end of May," says Director Lynda Mentele. "We usually have two food drives that bring us about 35,000 lbs.of food at the end of May and beginning of June. I'm not sure that we can depend on that food this year"

Normally, Church Response benefits from Mother's Day and the Crazy Horse Volksmarch, but with the current "flatten the curve" guidance, it's unclear if either event will happen.

Despite the food drives, Church Response's mission is still to give food to people in Rapid City who meet the income guidelines.

And since many people are having a hard time filling their grocery carts, more families are looking for help. In the last week and a half, 20 new families have signed up for the program. This brings the total to about 700 families.

"It's a scary time", says Mentele. "All of Rapid City is having the same problem. Most of the pantries are having a hard time getting food. It's a really tough time and a good time to look out for your neighbors."

Church Response is accepting any type of donation. Donations can be dropped off at 30 Main St. in Rapid City.