A lot of at-home time may be causing stress to parents

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Several schools are closed and to keep the young minds active, online learning and at-home packets are the current solutions
But with this much at-home time, parents may be stressed out.

Dealing with stress while the kids are home. (KEVN)

"Taking your own positive time out away from the kids for a little bit so that you can have a break. So you're not so frustrated by whether it's the new math or the old math," says Dr. Kari Scovel, a licensed psychologist for Scovel Psychological and counseling services.

Scovel says there could be an increase in conflicts with siblings, which is why creating a family plan is key.

"Sitting down with your children and saying listen, there seems to be a lot of conflict between the two of you. Let us talk about ways to problem solve and resolve this," says Scovel.

And everyone needs a little time to themselves, including children.

"Having their own space to go for a while. Away from the other sibling that is bothering them," says Scovel.

Developing a schedule and keeping up with it can help past the time.

"Work time, playtime, reading time for an hour, and then take a break," says Scovel.

Due to many fitness centers and after school activates being canceled due to COVID-19, it's important to remember to limit the number of snacks your child has each day.

"Youtube videos for yoga or there's some fantastic platforms out there to get moving. At least every hour, move your body," says Scovel.